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As a seller presenting your property is ultimately the most important thing you can do to maximise the sale price and sell your home faster.

For guidance we have put together a check list to help you to present your property not just for the photos but also for viewings.

Pre shoot checklist

Kitchen & Meal Areas

  • Clear all benches of any clutter

  • Remove and hide small appliances (kettles & toaster)

  • Remove all fridge magnets and photos onfridge

  • Clean all appliances (hobs, ovens & hoods)

  • Hide any loose electrical leads

  • Empty rubbish bins

  • Hide tea-towels

  • Replace cooker hood light if needed

  • Set table with your best cutlery and plates

  • Add a centre piece such as flowers

Living & Family Rooms

  • Hide all TV remotes

  • Turn TV’s off

  • Remove magazines and papers

  • Remove gym equipment

  • Hide loose home theatre cables

  • Clear clutter from shelves and coffee tables

  • Arrange furniture to make room look large


  • Remove toothbrushes & shavers

  • Remove soap bottles from showers

  • Remove kids toys from bath

  • Remove cleaning products

  • Hide toilet brush & bin

  • Clean all mirrors and bench tops

  • Set out your best towels and present the room


  • Hide any personal items

  • Make all beds and straighten pillows

  • Remove items from bed side tables

  • Remove any clothes and clutter from the floor

  • Remove baby cots if applicable

  • Check in bedside lamps work


  • Move vehicles from the driveway and front

  • Remove rubbish (small and large)

  • Mow and edge grass front & back

  • Trim back overgrown trees and bushes

  • Sweep up cuttings and leaves

  • Put away kids toys like bikes, scooters etc.

  • Make sure outside lights work

Before the photographer arrives check over this list one more time and then start to prepare the property for photos by opening all curtains, close toilet lids, remove pets, turn off all televisions/computers and park all cars in the garage or down the road.

If you have small children, we recommend that you take the family out for a walk while we shoot your house. This avoids people ending up in the photos and streamlines your shoot.

Download a copy of this guide below.

Pre shoot checklist
Download PDF • 71KB

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