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In need of a lease plan?

New leases granted for terms over 7 years or existing leases sold or assigned with 7 years to run must now be registered with a compliant lease plan.

Land Registry have strict requirements which need to be adhered to otherwise the plan may be rejected and delay the transaction. They are:

· Lease Plan drawn to scale, preferred scales are 1:100 & 1:200

· A Location Plan, scaled at 1:1250 or 1:2500

· Show a North Point

· Show sufficient detail to be identified on the Ordnance Survey map.

· Include any land associated with the property, including gardens, paths and garages.

· Clearly indicate the separate parts of the property, such as the house, parking, gardens, bin areas etc.

· Identify any varying floor levels (where required).

· Show its general location, by showing roads, road junctions and other landmarks.

· Clearly identify demised areas, communal areas and external demised areas by either edging, colouring or hatching.

· Show a scale bar and a plan key.

· Show buildings in their correct or intended position.

· Show measurements that correspond to scaled measurements (as much as possible).

· Show intricate boundaries with a larger scale or inset plan.

· Not to be marked as 'for identification purposes only' or other disclaimers.

We have many years experience in providing lease plans and already work closely with numerous estate agents and solicitors.

If you find yourself in need of a lease plan please give us a call. Prices start from £150.00.

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