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In a recent YouTube video and blog post Channel 4’s property guru Phil Spencer talks about the importance of great photos to ensure your property stands out from the crowd.

In the video he says:

‘Nowhere is the phrase ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ truer than in the housing market.

In fact, photos can make or break a house sale.’

Of course your estate agent can do the photos of your property but in the images below we show the difference between the photos taken by an agent compared with those that we have taken.

The photo above is ok but a couple of adjustments make for a more pleasing picture as seen below. for this photo we used a drone to get slightly higher and made sure the image was straight. During the editing process we also added a blue sky.

What about inside? This can become a little more difficult as you need to make sure you get the lighting correct.

Here we have blended together more than one image to get a good balance of interior and exterior light.

In the kitchen there can be reflections and lighting to deal with.

We will also take time to look at the space and move any items that do not need to be there such as kitchen roll holders, washing up liquid bottles or unnecessary appliances Cluttering up the work surface.

If appropriate the photographer will also take time to get some detail shots.

The height at which the photograph is taken can have an impact on how a particular room will look.

We will try a number of different angles and heights to make sure they capture an image that does the room justice. Again unnecessary items like bathmats, soap dishes and shower gel have been removed.

Likewise in the ensuite

A few items removed and a slightly different angle.

We will take our time and not be rushing to get to their next viewing or market appraisal. Wewill have allocated enough time to make sure we get the shots we want. However, this is only half the job. It is likely we will spend more time editing the shots than we spent at the property.

So yes the process is slower but the results are superior and you give yourself the best chance of getting the very best price for your property.

Do not hesitate to give us a call if you wish to discuss your requirements further. We are happy to talk with you if your property is already on the market and take a look at what your agent is currently doing.

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